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Paper ecce-2001-36:
ICCT influence on spatial planning, design and construction process

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Sariyildiz S

ICCT influence on spatial planning, design and construction process

Abstract: The building sector already entered a new era during the last decades. Developments in ICCT(Information, Communication, and Computing Technology) have an impact throughout the entirelife cycle of a building and the built environment. Through changes in daily life and culture as asocial effect and through the economic behaviour, it will gradually influence spatial planning, theurban structure of the future, our cities, and our living environment. The buildings, the builtenvironment, and architectural design itself will therefore evolve.Developments in the field of advanced modelling techniques and methods influence how architectsdesign and the design itself. Therefore, the gap between creative design, which is done by means ofadvanced modelling software with complex architectural forms, and the materialization andconstruction process of these complex designs, is getting bigger. Building technicians must beaware of the fact that this gap is growing rapidly as a result of the advanced modelling software andother smart/intelligent design tools and techniques. Furthermore, ICCT and Internet technologyprovide a closer link between participants in the building process, their activities, knowledge, andinformation. Collaboration and communication, such as collaborative engineering, will be the futureof the building practice. This paper provides a vision on the influences of future ICCTdevelopments in spatial planning and architecture in general, focuses on the influences onarchitectural design, and gives examples of existing buildings in the real world as well as the virtualone.

Keywords: ICCT, spatial planning, advanced modelling software, collaborative engineering


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