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Paper ecce-2001-38:
New building materials - knowledge transfer via the world wide web

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Schreyer M, Schwarte J

New building materials - knowledge transfer via the world wide web

Abstract: Web-based interactive information systems create new ways to transfer knowledge from civilengineering research institutions to practicing engineers. Although various systems have beendeveloped, the search for sophisticated technical knowledge is still unsatisfactory for architects andcivil engineers. The full text searches commonly used today do not fulfill the complex informationneeds on the rapidly expanding Internet. This paper describes the reasons for the current situationand it suggests, by example of the knowledge-based system "BiM-Online", solutions for betterinformation retrieval of materials data using metadata structures. In a first example the metadata ismodeled in a local relational database on a Web server. In section 5, the same concrete metadatastructures are modeled using the machine readable Resource Description Framework (RDF)standard, an XML application that allows searches on independent information systems on the Web.

Keywords: Retrieval of building material information, Internet, WWW, BiM-Online, Metadata, material testingdatabase, knowledge based dialog, XML, RDF


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