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Paper ecce-2001-39:
Advanced automatic post processing of output data using text processors

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Skrinar M

Advanced automatic post processing of output data using text processors

Abstract: The paper presents a seldom seen approach to the creation of a final report on an engineeringanalysis. The approach has been efficiently implemented in a computer package for geotechnicalanalysis, although it can be actually implemented in many similar engineering applications. Theimplementation of procedures briefly described in the paper namely offers a solution where theobtained results, accompanied with all essential equations, are automatically transmitted to adesktop publishing package without any user's intervention. Such a solution is primarily orientedtowards the users who require not only representative forms of the results obtained, but also acomprehensive report created practically without any efforts. The paper studies the navigationprocedures of the word processor WinWord - versions 6, 7 (known as 95), 97 and 2000, all undervarious Windows platforms (3.*, 95 & 95, 2000 and ME).

Keywords: Automatic report creation, text processor, Microsoft WinWord, Visual Basic


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