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Paper itaec-2003-12:
An intelligent system for improving plant information management

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Oloke D A, Edwards D J

An intelligent system for improving plant information management

Abstract: The modern economy is reliant upon the application of mechanisation to sustain economic growth and prosperity. However, plant users must invest substantial and continuing capital resources in order to maximise turnover and profit. An exact quantification of profitability and performance resulting from plant usage can only be achieved through the effective documentation and utilisation of plant records. This paper sought to review existing information management systems for off-highway plant and equipment (e.g. excavators, rigid dump trucks, telehandlers and so on) and determine whether such represent an appropriate solution to modern industrial needs. Pilot study findings reveal paper based and electronic documentation formats resident on PC and local networks; PC being the most common system utilised. Overall, information management systems employed within the off-highway plant sector compare rather poorly to more technological advanced industries (e.g. rail and aviation). Based upon these findings, a new Internet based 'intelligent, multi-user functional' application is proposed that essentially consists of an integration of three core components, namely: (i) a web-based Relational Database Management System (RDBMS); (ii) a dynamic Model Base Management System (MBMS); and (iii) a Knowledge Base Management System (KBMS). The paper concludes with direction for future work that aims to model aspects of plant history file data collected.

Keywords: off-highway plant, information technology, information management, internet and intelligent decision support


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