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Paper itaec-2003-6:
Infrastructures for construction collaboration: The Cross Organizational Learning Approach

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Cushman M, Cornford T

Infrastructures for construction collaboration: The Cross Organizational Learning Approach

Abstract: The construction industry is recognised as a fragmented collection of service providers,who have, in recent years, benefited from client-driven partnerships focussed on value improvement. Most of the improvement has, quite naturally, been focussed on bringing value to the client, using Value Management tools to derive the project objectives and associated such as factors. It is the mutually beneficial realisation of shared objectives, together with a joint commitment to continuous improvement, that is often seen as the foundation of sustainable business partnerships. However, relatively little work has been done to develop complementary models of cross-organizational learning and feedback improvement within construction teams. Tackling these issues has formed the focus for the work reported here and has resulted in the development and use of a new approach to project reviews known as COLA - Cross- Organizational Learning Approach.

Keywords: project review, post-construction review, feedback, organizational learning, inter-organizational systems, problem structuring methods


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