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Paper itaec-2004-12:
A framework for automatic progress assessment on construction sites using computer vision

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Trucco E, Kaka A P

A framework for automatic progress assessment on construction sites using computer vision

Abstract: Site managers spend a significant amount of time measuring, recording and analysing progress on site. Information is continuously captured and exchanged between individuals, teams and firms for valuation purposes, productivity measurement, schedule or quality control. Images of construction sites provide an enormous amount of information about progress. Computer vision offers great potential for analysing this information automatically. This paper brings two contributions in this direction. First, we propose a computational framework to capture and measure construction progress automatically from video images taken on site. The novelty lies in the introduction of automatic assessments usable in IT systems while construction work is still in progress; normally, only information developed at the design stage is used. Second, we propose an algorithm for recognising objects and structures in unconstrained outdoors site imagery. This can be used to determine the location of a part of building or structure within a site, and for non-textual indexing and image selection in large image records from construction projects. We report and discuss the results of experiments with real images from two different building sites.



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