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Paper itaec-2004-6:
Virtual soil laboratory: an exemplar of e-learning in construction

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Ge X J, Lam K C, Cheung S O

Virtual soil laboratory: an exemplar of e-learning in construction

Abstract: Web-based teaching and learning have become increasingly popular, both for institutional and personal lifelong learning. Learning through the web enables students to structure their pace of study. In addition, the demand on resources such as educators? time and space can be reduced. The objective of the paper is to describe learning theory and how people learn through a constructivist approach. The paper also describes the development of a web based virtual soil laboratory and its realization, followed by highlighting the benefits of the system. It is concluded that the virtual laboratory is a supportive teaching aid and students have benefit from "learn how to learn" through constructivist approach of learning.

Keywords: virtual soil laboratory, constructivist approach, simulation, web-based teaching and learning


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