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Paper itcon-1996-1:
An Integrated Approach for a Model Based Document Production and Management

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Rezgui Y, Debras P

An Integrated Approach for a Model Based Document Production and Management

Abstract: The primary aim of the research presented in this paper is to provide pragmatic solutions to the problems of integrity and consistency of document based information, describing a building throughout its life cycle. The research demonstrates the computer-aided generation of project documents via a construction project data model. The first research activity involved the development of a Construction Project Reference Model (CPRM) and a Document Reference Model, from which various Applied Document Type Models can be derived. The work concentrated on the French Full Specification Document: the CCTP (Cahier des Clauses Techniques Particulières), which is generated during the detail design stage. A generic Association Model was developed and used to index the CPRM’s concepts to the CCTP’s documentary elements supporting their description. Finally, the mechanisms enabling the generation of the project CCTP from the proposed structured reference CCTP are described. This research, which through the DOCCIME project involved a building research centre (CSTB), an engineering company (OTH) and a software house (O2 Technology), is ongoing (both in the Information Technology Institute of Salford University and CSTB) and primarily aims to develop and define a more generic platform supporting all forms of model-based information in the distributed and multimedia environment.

Keywords: Data Model, SGML, Computer Integrated Construction, Full Specification Document.


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