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Paper lc3-2017-048:
Employing BIM Tools to Streamline Fabrication

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Samuel Goodwin and Steven K. Ayer

Employing BIM Tools to Streamline Fabrication

Abstract: Previous research suggests that the building industry has lagged behind manufacturing industries in productivity. This research addresses this challenge by developing a methodology to facilitate prefabrication related to surface penetrations using commercially available Building Information Modeling tools. The simple proof of concept presented in this work illustrates that this approach can provide useful and reliable fabrication information that can be applied to several trades or machine types. In this study, Revit, Dynamo, and other office tools were used to extract and manipulate the desired data. The applications were built, tested, and verified for countertop surface penetrations because countertops rarely have the exact same penetration layout for different projects. Therefore, there is typically a need to manually calculate locations for penetrations. The proof of concept developed in this work was able to instantly determine critical design parameters and calculate relevant penetration locations for fabricators. The accuracy of the outputted values was manually verified. While this particular application might only save a few minutes of a fabricatorÕs time because of the simple design example explored, there could be potential to save more time on more complex designs, which would take longer to manually calculate.

Keywords: Prefabrication, BIM, Dynamo, Revit

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0048

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