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Paper lc3-2017-155:
USA PractitionersÕ Perception of BIM Maturity

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Dylan John, Yunfeng Chen, Robert Cox and Qian Huang

USA PractitionersÕ Perception of BIM Maturity

Abstract: This paper examines the USA practitionerÕs perspective of Building Information Modeling Maturity (BIMM). The objective is to better identify the BIMM indicators from practitionersÕ perspective as it would provide better insight and feedback into the use and practice of BIM in the USA industry. This would help fill the gap in understanding and breaking down the complexity of BIM and will allow for better approaches to BIM education and more tangible adoption in Industry. The study is structured based off the four BIMM factors of Technology, Information, Process and People. A survey was used as the research methodology with a breakdown of the survey responses based on their business type and number of years working with BIM. The research findings indicate that Information is the most important maturity factor, followed by Process and the lowest ranked maturity factor is People followed by Technology. The findings of this study has both academic and industry value as it gives greater insight to the practitioners perspective of the different maturity indicators and as such can be used to develop better BIM education and industry adoption practices.

Keywords: BIM, Maturity, USA, Practitioner

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0155

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