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Paper lc3-2017-230:
Examining the Effect of Boundary Spanning Technologies in Virtual Project Teams

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Semra Comu, John E. Taylor, Carrie Sturts Dossick, Josh Iorio, Anne Anderson and Tripp Shealy

Examining the Effect of Boundary Spanning Technologies in Virtual Project Teams

Abstract: Overcoming the challenges of virtual collaboration may require different approaches to achieve performance objectives for virtual teams of mixed nationality participants as compared to virtual project teams of single nationality participants. Many researchers have examined the way multinational project participants collaborate in order to sustain effective collaboration across boundaries. However, we lack a similarly nuanced understanding of networks of individuals on project teams comprised of mixed nationality participants that utilize virtual collaboration environments and new information technologies. In this paper, we examine the role of Boundary Spanning Visualization Technologies (BSVTs) to understand differences that may emerge at the cross-national boundary in virtual teams of mixed nationality participants. We found that BSVTs within the virtual workspace were utilized more frequently by virtual teams of mixed nationality participants. We also identified a positive correlation between effective technology usage and cohesive collaboration among project participants measured by network density. These findings have important implications for the effective functioning of multinational project teams that utilize virtual environments in the construction industry.

Keywords: Mixed Nationality Teams; Virtual Teams; Virtual Workspace; Visualization

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0230

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