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Paper w78-1988-13:
Coding system for act advanced building information system

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Terai T

Coding system for act advanced building information system

Abstract: Since fiscal 1983, the Ministry of Construction has been implementing a five-year comprehensive technological development project with a theme of " Development of Systems for Advancement of Construction Technologies through Utilization of Electronics." In this large R and D project, research on Integration of Building Product ion Information has been conducted on software-related technologies and integrated building information system called ACT, Advanced Construction Technology, has been established as a final result. ACT system consists of several standardized sub-systems including classification code, computerized building model, database network, interface information and advanced production images toward 2000. Of those results, this paper summarizes the basic concept of standardized ACT coding system which should be utilized by various kinds of construction-related organizations throughout the building production phases from planning to use. It is yet on conceptual stage but the basic structure of individual tables are fixed.



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