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Paper w78-1988-203:
Integrating documentation for building .operation and maintenance in planning and design

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Haugen T

Integrating documentation for building .operation and maintenance in planning and design

Abstract: A general platform for a lifelong database is fundamental for the integration of information between design and management. Documentation from design as part of a facilities management system is necessary to retain the technical and functional quality of a building through its lifetime and to reduce the lifecycle costs. The use of computers have given us the opportunity of reducing the gap between design and management, even if it so far has tended to reinforce rather to weaken the organizational fragmentation that already exists. This paper focus on 10 important aspects for the development of computer integrated systems: Define the need for information in different management organizations; Avoid unnecessary information; Design simple systems; Develop a general platform - a lifelong database; relate to common standards; Produce the necessary information for operation and maintenance in design and construction; The implementation of an automated system demands a working manual system; An accurate database; A logical way of updating the database information and Link data to graphics.



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