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Paper w78-1988-213:
A meta-topology for product modeling

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Willems P

A meta-topology for product modeling

Abstract: A major issue in product modeling is the integration of two essentially different modeling approaches: the top-down functional-oriented approach, and the bottom-up technical-oriented approach. The ISO-STEP General AEC Reference Model (GARM) supports this dual design principle around the kernel entities Functional Unit and Technical Solution. During the development of GARM a number of topology related issues were encountered. To mention two main issues: - How to structure a functional network to be consistent over several decomposition/aggregation levels, as well as over the branches of the hierarchical tree? - How to relate this network and the multiple coexisting representations which share this same kernel? Both issues can be addressed, in principle, using a pure topology independent network and an intermediate layer to relate the dependent representations. This intermediate layer is called: Meta-Topology.



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