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Paper w78-1988-305:
Properties of future building hyper documents

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Christiansson P

Properties of future building hyper documents

Abstract: The paper describes and exemplifies how modem information technology may impact the properties of future computerized building documents and models. It is now possible to practically handle large quantities of data in the form of color pictures, film, sound recordings, animation sequences, drawings etc. The systems we formulate today are better suited to capture information putting higher pressure on the users concerning formulation of demands on user interface, model descriptions and model building tools. A group of projects under the label KE3S-MEDIA, knowledgebased systems - media, are aiming at integrating advanced software (knowledgebased systems, Hyper Card from Apple computer. etc) with new distribution and storage media. The hyper documents which are created possess powerful man-machine interface and dynamic model building properties. The system forms a demonstrator environment used in different applications to capture, test and communicate ideas and admitting fast prototyping. New tools are defined, developed and tested. Tools which support conceptual modeling activities, use and building of hyper documents in a multimedia environment. The following building applications are at the moment included in the research: The City Advisor, Window Renovation Advisor, Advanced Information Technology in Building Maintenance Support (the Delphi project) and Advanced Material and Vendor Information, (the AMVI project)



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Permission to reproduce these documents has been graciously provided by the Lund University and the Swedish Building Centre. The assistance of the editors, Prof. Per Christiansson and Prof. Henry Karlsson, is gratefully appreciated.


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