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Paper w78-1988-51:
SYRE - a computer system for analyses of building economics

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Soderberg J

SYRE - a computer system for analyses of building economics

Abstract: There is a great need for economic analyses in the construction process, especially at the early stages of the designing process. At the department of Byggproduktionsteknik (Construction Management) at the School of Civil Engineering, Lund University a computerized system of building economics is under construction. It has been named SYRE. The overlapping purpose of SYRE is to cover all kinds of cost estimating concerning a building project. Today (October 1988) the part of the system dealing with investment costs for ordinary builders work is completed. The SYRE system is based on cost datas concerning all kinds of components (e.g. bricks or studs). The components are specified with man hour and material cost per unit. The components are combined into various sections and the sections are combined to various buildings. All the costs are continuously updated, thanks to the up-to-date prices on the material and thanks to the Resource Register where wages, indirect labour costs, general requirements, overhead and benefit are continuously updated. All the quantities in the building project reports are related to the gross area of the building, Thus, it is possible to rapidly estimate the effects of changing the size of the building or the changing of one section to another or one component to another. The system is now used to develop a new estimating model for government loans for housing on behalf of the Swedish Ministry of Housing.



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Permission to reproduce these documents has been graciously provided by the Lund University and the Swedish Building Centre. The assistance of the editors, Prof. Per Christiansson and Prof. Henry Karlsson, is gratefully appreciated.


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