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Paper w78-1992-235:
Building codes and performance standards as knowledge-bases for design

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Gowri K

Building codes and performance standards as knowledge-bases for design

Abstract: Code compliance checking is an integral part of the building design process. Many research attempts have been made to automate code compliance checking as a secondary task to developing a design solution.But it is possible to represent the code requirements in a knowledge base to assist in the design process. In the present study, a buildingenvelope design knowledge base has been developed to model the performance based design approach. The National Building Code of Canada's design requirements and an ASHRAE standard specifications for building envelope are incorporated in a knowledge base. A frame-based knowledge representation technique is used to implement the semantic relationships among the design context attributes. Once the performance attributes are established in the design context, then design altematives can be generated. A database of standard construction types for walls, roofs and glazings is developed to contain the material properties data required to generate design alternatives. This paper presents the knowledge acquisition and representation of building code and performance standards information, and also briefly describe the design process implemented in a prototype system.



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