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Paper w78-1993-11:
Outsourcing for competative advantage

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Kernohan C, Kernohan D

Outsourcing for competative advantage

Abstract: The construction industry and in particular professional design organisations have been slow to respond to the benefits of operating in an Information Technology (IT) environment. There has been a tendency to follow what is being applied in other areas of commerce. Initial uses of computers in construction largely concerned office procedures with the use of word processing and spreadsheet software developed elsewhere for generic functions. Computer aided drafting and the potentials of graphics offered an opportunity fox building professional and industry organisations to take a unique approach to managing IT needs but little was done to re-assess the ways in which design and construction information is organised or used. Some of the reasons for this are due to the traditional remoteness of design and construction professionals from computer professionals. 'This paper suggests that if the construction industry and professionals continue to follow trends in commerce, then autsourcing will become an integral part of the industry's relation to IT. Qutsourcing has been defined as "a situation where an organisation for whatever reasons, contracts out responsibility for running part of its business to another orgar~isation". ]It is currently estimated that 35% of Fortune sa) companies outsource at least one of their data centres and 15% outsource their networks. This paper explores the potential benefits of outsourcing and discusses the opportunities outsourcing provides for the construction industry and professions, It describes the relationships between client organisations and an outsourcing organisation and discusses operational issues, and issues of costs, resources and outputs.



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