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Paper w78-1993-12:
The management and use of knowledge from building evaluations

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Kernohan D, Isaacs N

The management and use of knowledge from building evaluations

Abstract: The School of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington has developed a generic process of participatory building evaluation. The process is equally useful for any type and size of facility, for design proposals in preparation and for buildings in use. The reasons for an organisation to undertake evaluations or to offer evaluation services differ. Evaluation programmes and services are usually geared to long term benefits while one off evaluations promote both immediate and long term action. The long term value to an organisation of an evaluation programme or of offering evaluation services may be considerably enhanced by an operational database which can be used to influence building acquisition, operational policy and por tfdio management. However, it is our experience that the development of a knowledge database is not a straightforward matter. This paper discusses the issues of developing a database of the outcomes of building evaluations and reviews a number of approaches. The form and content of such databases and their management and use are considered. The paper describes the development of a knowledge database for an international banking organisation based on the information gained from participatory building evaluation activities. The process of information collection and the database structure are described. Methods of analysis are explained and some of the findings of these analyses presented. The paper concludes by outlining some of the difficulties of maintaining on-line databases and by cautioning that, to date, they have not been well used in building design or management practice.



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