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Paper w78-1993-2-101:
Towards an information and decision-support system for the building industry

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Leslie H G, Mckay D G

Towards an information and decision-support system for the building industry

Abstract: Although the building industry has passively accepted the computer industry's offerings for some time, it is now beginning to assess its own operational needs and how computers might best support them. Building Information Systems is working closely with industry groups in Australia and New Zealand towards a system for effective management and exchange of building-related information. Part of this impetus has resulted in An Information and Decision-Support System for the Australian Building Industry published by the National Committee on Rationalised Building as a document to promote discussion. It is widely supported and is now being redrafted as a strategy for establishing a framework within which a person or an organisation can solve specific local problems and, in doing so, contribute to a cohesive industry effort. The first parts of this strategy - the problems and the points to consider in their solution - are discussed.

Keywords: information management strategy; information systems; project-decision making; building procurement process


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