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Paper w78-1993-2-239:
Representation of multiple concepts of a design object based on multiple functions

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Rosenman M A, Gero J S, Huang Y-S

Representation of multiple concepts of a design object based on multiple functions

Abstract: Current representation schemas for design objects in CAD environments make assumptions regarding particular representations of that design object. In the AEC environment, many disciplines are involved, each with its own concept of the design object. Each such concept must be respected and accommodated in any representation. This paper presents the ideas behind the representation of multiple concepts from an underlying description of a design such that the inter- and intra-discipline views of that design can be formed dynamically. These ideas are based upon an assumption that different concepts of an object are based on different functional contexts. Functional subsystems are introduced as an adjunct to design prototypes. An example shows how these functional subsystems are related to the design elements and how they allow for the formation of the various concepts. Thus the representation of the functional properties of design objects is the underlying basis for the formation of different concepts.

Keywords: information technology; conceptual modeling; multiple abstraction representation; building design; function


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