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Paper w78-1993-2-421:
Goals, dimensions, and approaches for computer integrated construction

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Fischer M, Betts M, Hannus M, Yamazaki Y, Laitinen J

Goals, dimensions, and approaches for computer integrated construction

Abstract: The recent years have seen significant research in the area of computer-integrated construction (CIC). CIC research has been largely technology driven and is usually seen as good per se. Researchers often neglect to describe the expected engineering impact of the solution they propose and typically fail to test how well the developed solution addresses particular problems of industry or whether any such problem is being faced. An important reason for this, we argue, is that we still lack an overall vision for the goals of CIC and are missing a unifying framework that defines CIC and its application in the engineering context. Furthermore, CIC research has been surprisingly fragmented. This paper proposes a framework that measures several main dimensions of CIC. The purpose of this framework is to assess the current state of CIC in particular frms, to provide a focus for research and implementation of CIC, and to position and compare different research projects.

Keywords: information technology; integration; automation; computer integrated construction; engineering process


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