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Paper w78-1993-2-453:
Case-based reasoning in an integrated design and construction system

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Schmitt G N

Case-based reasoning in an integrated design and construction system

Abstract: In representing and manipulating complex objects, such as buildings, or complex processes, such as design and construction, we propose to employ a new approach, Case-based reasoning (CBR) is a promising method for solving design and construction problems with minimal search. CBR maintains the high quality of an original case by adapting known and proven solutions from a case base to a new situation. Integrated design and construction systems are a key to making practical use of computers in design, building, and management. They guarantee the consistency of database information from phase to phase and prevent the unnecessary and error prone re-generation of information. Applying CBR to an integrated design and construction process helps to protect positive aspects of past solutions and allows for stepwise improvements. The paper presents application examples for case-based design, case-based design repair and management of the design process for a large project.

Keywords: case-based reasoning; integrated design systems; design process; construction process; project information management


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