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Paper w78-1993-2-509:
Maintenance information management, based on a step-related building product model

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Svensson K E

Maintenance information management, based on a step-related building product model

Abstract: The property management phase of the construction process comprises operation, maintenance and minor alterations. Property management, by its very nature, is responsible for the greatest volume of work in the product life cycle of a building and it is therefore of great importance to utilize IT in this work. An efficient way of doing so is to use a Building Product Model as a core in the information management system. A digital Building Product Model contains a logical and general description of the product "building" and its creation, The complete Building Product Model should contain all relevant information needed for the design, production and management of a building. The data model created and used in this project is based on the BSAB/SfB system for classification and is developed with the methodology and principles of the STEP standard. The BSAB system contains product classification tables. It is a tool for the arrangement of technical and financial information in documents and databases. The SfB system is the predecessor of the BSAB system and is still in use in many countries. STEP is a series of I S 0 Standards for the Exchange of Product Model Data. STEP is a specification for communicating product information at all stages in the product life cycle. The fundamental components of STEP are product information models and standards that are used as means of exchanging information corresponding to these product models. In this project, a conceptual scheme of a building is implemented into an object-oriented database and a suitable user interface is created. This database system is then used to handle information about a real building in some typical property management tasks.

Keywords: information technology: property management; STEP standard; building product model; classification


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