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Paper w78-1993-2-517:
Object oriented communication with NICC (neutral intelligent CAD communication)

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Tarandi V

Object oriented communication with NICC (neutral intelligent CAD communication)

Abstract: NICC is a recommendation of the Swedish construction industry for Neutral Intelligent CAD Communication. It will make it possible for different participants in the industry to exchange information in a standardized way, independent of which CAD-system they have chosen. As NICC describes building objects (walls, windows, doors, etc) it makes it possible to transfer uniform and structured information during the whole process. The description of the building objects in NICC is based upon a simplified geometry. NICC can manage GEOMETRY OBJECTS (building objects and spaces), SYSTEMS (logical groupings of geometry objects), CONNECTIONS (between geometry objects) and LOCATIONS. The idea behind NICC is to transfer information about Ilintelligent " building objects classified after a standard, in Sweden the BSAB-system. Each CAD-system, drawing or model oriented, has to map its own structured data to the minimal meta model of NICC.

Keywords: CAD; communication; building objects; conceptual model; step


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