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Paper w78-1993-2-529:
Design decision support from informed project time-cost performance simulation

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Chen S E, Ostwald M J

Design decision support from informed project time-cost performance simulation

Abstract: The time performance of a construction project contributes significantly to overall project costs, The greatest potential for achieving better time and cost performance lies in the design stage of the project. This is when decisions which have the greatest impact on project performance are being made. Designing for the best project time-cost solution involves a strategy of optimising project cost and time variables to find the best combination between these two parameters, such that project time and cost limits are not exceeded. In practice, this optimization strategy will need to take into account the project objectives, the client s needs and limitations for the project, and the way the architect can assimilate relevant information in the design process. The obstacles which have prevented such a strategy being feasible include the separation of the design function from time and cost evaluation functions, and the information technology to provide decision support in a timely and affordable mode. The paper describes the principles of time-cost planning and the conceptual framework for an expert system which can be informed of subjective factors particular to a project and simulate the construction time- cost performance of design alternatives. The feasibility of designing for the optimal time-cost solution with support from this simulation approach is discussed.

Keywords: information technology; time-cost planning; design decision support; expert systems; simulation


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