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Paper w78-1993-2-543:
Resource significant models for estimating, planning and control in construction

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Mcgowan P H , Randall C W, Horner R M W

Resource significant models for estimating, planning and control in construction

Abstract: The production of acceptably accurate estimates and programmes in any contracting organisation is a function of the reliability of the estimating and planning data, the soundness of judgement applied by the estimators and planners, and the abnty of the organisation to manipulate and process the data. By applying the lessons learnt from historical projects, the estimator or planner hopes to minimise the risk associated with the current project. In order to gain access to this vital information the historical data should relate to a realistic and measurable yardstick to which productivities, gang compositions, etc can be assigned. This should in turn dictate the format of the estimating or planning model issued by the client, Equally, it is vital that the resources expended on site can be efficiently and conveniently allocated against the requisite yardstick, ideally as a part of the control process. The authors have used the philosophy of resource significance to produce rational models for the generation and maintenance of a comprehensive and realistic estimating and planning database for construction projects. The models reflect the level of detail necessary for the production of acceptably accurate estimates and programmes by encompassing the sign%cant labour, plant and material resources of a project. A factor is applied to the value of the significant resources to calculate the total value. The work packages of the resulting resource significant models relate to site operations and activities, thus ensuring that the database can form the basis of the site control and feedback system, as well as the tender models.

Keywords: resource significance; cost modelling; control; feedback; programme


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