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Paper w78-1993-20:
The morphogenetic design as an A? system far the management of design processes through the total quality of the built-up environment.

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Soddu C, Colabella E

The morphogenetic design as an A? system far the management of design processes through the total quality of the built-up environment.

Abstract: In our research we have experimented AI procedures in a new strategic approach to the management of design processes in buildings and built-up environment. The challenge was to evaluate, during design operations, the total quality of the future built-up environment. We measured this quality as the difference betweenvirtual scenarios and collective imaginary world. These virtual scenarios were generated by simulation procedures of the evolution of the buildinglenvironment system related to specific logical processes of design. To achieve that we produced, using some original research software, many different scenarios of possible evolutions of the same project. Our objective was to evaluate the different contributions of each specific design function and their conflicts (from aesthetics to struc- tural and technological problems, from cost to functional use) to obtain a more interesting logical approach to design, construction and urban envi- ronment evolution. In this conference, we intend to present two examples of this experimen- tation defining not a specific solution but a possible logical approach for the management of design. And we will also try to walk in a new not-ex- plored land of design processes that maximise the benefits of IT: the possibility of designing the evolution in the move and not only its single equilibrium. The first experimentation concerns the construction of com- mercial buildings using steel. The second one is a dynamic framework project to design and control the evolution and the increasing complexity of the built-up environment of a typical Italian medieval town. Key words: AI; evolution; (morpho)genetic design; total quality; logical approach; future scenarios



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