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Paper w78-1993-26:
Implementing integrated information systems in construction organisations

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Stephenson P

Implementing integrated information systems in construction organisations

Abstract: The introduction of information systems into construction companies to facilitate the organisation and management of construction is often carried out on an ad hoc basis. Stand- alone applications are often employed in providing computerisation for specific functions and tasks in order to improve efficiency in the generation of information. Quite often this results in short term benefits, but can create problems as organisations grow and integrated information demands become greater and more complex. Without consideration of adequate information technology strategy, the benefits to be gained fron the integrated approach are not always fully realised. To successfully implement integrated information systems, several issues must be considered. This includes the identification of both problems and user requirements to allow the establishment of a specification for the design and eventual implementation of a new information system. important considerations during this procedure must also include a company's organisation structure and culture, together with company operating characteristics, People within an organisation are also influential to a system's success, and correct training and user involvement at the analysis and design stages are important to the eventual acceptance and success of a system. One method of integration is illustrated, together with the procedures and issues to be addressed. System maintenance and enhancements for expansion of an integrated information system are also considered.



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