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Paper w78-1993-31:
Multimedia project control and documentation system

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Liang Y L, Amette L S, Simon S K

Multimedia project control and documentation system

Abstract: Construction experience and knowledge are omnipresent yet difficult to capture at the project site. Many problems and innovative solutions can not be effectively documented because ofthe lack of proper tools to collect and organize the as-built iformation. In claims or disputes, mmy issues involving site conditions cannot be thoroughly analyzed because ofthe lack of information. This as-built information may exist in diverse formats such as text (reports, daily logs), sound (meeting recordings, discussions), and video (site walk through, inspection records). Using multimedia technology, these diverse formats of as-built information can be integrated with project scheduling and control systems to provide an environment not only to control and document project information but also to elicit and study construction experience and knowledge. Such information could also be very valuable for facility operator/maintainers in the later stage of the facility life cycle. This paper presents the design and the operatian of a multimedia project control and documentation system (M73LTROL) under development at the University of Illinois and Construction Engineering and Research Laboratory (CERL). This system allows the users to document and retrieve the as-built project information in the form of text, sound, image and video associated with construction activities. The current version of MULTROL is developed for the FC platform and runs under 'Microsoft WindowsTM operating environment. This system uses graphical user-interface for all operations, creating a user- friendly environment far construction personnel. The retrieval of the as-built information is further assisted by user definable queries to support different needs of construction management.



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