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Paper w78-1993-32:
Maximising the benefits from IT integration for architectural project documentation

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Doherty J M

Maximising the benefits from IT integration for architectural project documentation

Abstract: The development of Information Technology is traced. The impact of this on the communication processes of the AEC industry is noted. The paper identifies current trends and imminent developments. Out of this it projects some of the options that might be regarded as feasible, likely, and to safe to assume. It suggests that present technoloy and imminent technology have reached the stage in which a fundamental shift in the methods USed for architectural project design and documentation is already occurring. This has created a major dilemma for designers and project managers. It is suggested that there is no middle ground or evolutionary choice and the paper warns of the practical consequences of an ill planned transition. lt presents a strategy for maximising the benefits in the production of architectural communication and project documentation through the use of IT.



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