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Paper w78-1993-38:
Product modelling to structure a aase library to case-based construction planning

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Tommelein I D, Dzeng R J

Product modelling to structure a aase library to case-based construction planning

Abstract: The conceptual design of a case-based planner, named Caseplan, is presented to plan and schedule construction activities by comparing a new facility with those described in cases, and adapting the selected cases ' plans to suit the new construction needs. For effective case retrieval and new case indexing, CasePlan relies on a product model, that describes a prototypical power plant facility. Each construction product in a project is a specialization of this product model. A library of construction techniques and methods is also related to this product model. This well-structured organization of detail enables CasePlan to construct executable project plans. This is in contrast to most other artificial-intelligence based planners that generate only least-commitment plans, which must be detailed further manually. CasePIan thus exploits the power provided by a well-structured model to capture human expertise in design and construction planning cases, and demonstrates how such a product model can effectively be used. A operational prototype of CasePlan is currently being developed.



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