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Paper w78-1994-10:
Utilising product models for information sharing in an integrated cad environment

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Iosifidis P, Tah J H M, Howes R

Utilising product models for information sharing in an integrated cad environment

Abstract: Despite the extensive use of computing technology within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry during the past few years, the crucial issue of information sharing amongst AEC participants still remains to be addressed. This results in poor building project co-ordination and affects productivity and final outcome. Our objective at South Bank University is to develop integrated CAD systems that utilise conceptual building product models for efficient building-related data representation and exchange. This paper presents our approach in defining a building product model of CAD- related design (i. e. architectural, structural, etc.) that also identifies overlapping sections with non-design data (i. e. project planning, cost estimating, etc.) which are incorporated for producing enriched data specifications extracted from CAD drawings and used by various AEC disciplines. Different strategies for separating multiple-views of the resulting data are also discussed Finally, a prototype system (MicroLink) that runs under Intergraph's MicroStation PC CAD package is presented. The system operates on a partial set of entities of the overall product model and produces semantically-enhanced design data in a declarative form ready for use by knowledge-based systems for automatic construction activity generation.



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