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Paper w78-1994-11:
An object-oriented pproject model approach for integrated information system in A/WC industry

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Kenji Ito

An object-oriented pproject model approach for integrated information system in A/WC industry

Abstract: As clients' requests are becoming more diverse and extensive than ever, it is necessary to concentrate compony whole efforts and to fortify cooperation among different divisions in the A/E/C industry. In the past development of information systems, was basic focused on increasing efficency of particular domain tasks, and was not enough to respond current problems. Therefore, a new method of developing collaborative and integrated informaton systems is required to synthesize resources in order to achieve total efficiency. However, it is difficult to generate, share and maintain project data during the various phases of the A/E/C project life cycle from planning to design, construction and management of the facility. The project data needs to be stored, retrieved, manipulated, and updated by many project participants, each with his/her own view of the information. In order to realize the model description of an A/E/Cproject, such a project model should support both product-based description and process-based description. Therefore the author has been proposed an object- oriented project model (called PMAPM) supporting the multiple views that are required by various participants in A/E/C pojects, which is very important for integration of the A/E/C industry. The scope of this research is to establish an object-oriented project model supporting multiple views shared by various A/E/C project participants and provide several type of sub-product model for by computer-based systems using multiple views. The objective is the eventual development of an integrated system which includes activities from project planning through design, estimation, construction and facility management. The object-oriented project model is intended to link CAD systems, relational databases, knowledge-based expert systems and other conventional software. This paper describes the development, present status and future directions for PMAPM, an object-oriented project model designed to facilitate infonnation sharing along the paths through which workflows between project stages or specialists.



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