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Paper w78-1994-16:
Data models for geometrical physicality and material information for on site implementation in surveying

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Laasonen M, Majahalme T

Data models for geometrical physicality and material information for on site implementation in surveying

Abstract: This article describes a new method of collecting and utilizeing the information needed for renovation of existing buildings. The method is called the RENO-system and it has been developed in Tampere University of Technology. The most remarkable properties of the system are the fully three-dimensional model of a building linked together with a relational data base management system to store material and other attribute information during on site surveying. In the system development special attention has been paid to eficiency: producing the three-dimensional model of a building is almost as cheap as producing the two-dimensional drawings by conventional methods. The new method can also be used solely for room and material inventory. The three-dimensional CAD-program running together with the relational data base management system enables effective processing of the information. The RENO-system can generate graphical information suitable for the most common CAD-programs and the data base interface uses SQL-standard, from which the information can easily be transmitted to other programs. Of course the three-dimensional data can not be processed with a two-dimensional program, but in general the RENO-system can produce renovation information in any form required by customers. The result of this research defines the data model to input the physicality of spaces. Also the result involves the definition of the surveying method for source information procurement in existing environments regardless of whether the object to be modelled is a building or part of town.



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