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Paper w78-1994-17:
The architect's database

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Lindgren H, Popova M

The architect's database

Abstract: Architectural design deals with issues of widely varying nature: aesthetical and spatial issues, detailing, material choice and systems design, having a strong impact on the cost of operation, repair and maintenance. Information technology in construction industry provides new possibilities of reusing design solutions thus supporting some aspects of the design process. The main purpose of our project is to investigate methods for structuring the information related to architectural work in order to support the process of reusing design solutions. An equally important task is the development of a concrete application of a comprehensive archive of components in an object-oriented relational database. The basics of the architectural work are shortly discussed and an outline of a database called a Kit of design parts is presented. Also, a comment on multimedia as a way of integrating the various kinds of information needed in an architect's database is made. Finally, the conclusion is drawn that informution technology will be one of the most important challenges facing the architect's profession during the years to come. Nevertheless tools like the Kit of d. p . will become vital tools that will help the professional to fulfil the new requirements.



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