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About models in facility management

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Tapio Majahalme

About models in facility management

Abstract: The facility management deals with integrated information handling of buildings, spaces, environment and any actions in business. The increasing amount of information and effectiveness requirements force us to improve preparedness in the technical and practical sense. Also continuously changing circumstances will require the information technology to face definitely new challenges. In this study the major attention has been paid to the fundamentals of facility management from the information technology point of view. All action in this brunch should be based on business idea(s) and business strategy. The main business idea can be divided into sub fields and their strategies. Well managed companies should have a facility management strategy. While considering facility management, strategies of information technology have to be taken into account. The other needed viewpoint rises from mapping or connection to real life in an easy comprehensive form. The approach used here is GIS based. All information is based on spaces and geography. The aim of this study is to develop models for computerization of facility management. The models include the activity model and the concept model, the latter of which is designed to be carried out lateler. The activity model describes the actions, processes and tasks which are carried out by the facility manager and the concept model proposes the hierarchical structure for classification of information. The models are designed to be commonly applicable in the field of facility management without being case dependent. The activity model deals with tasks such as itemizing facilities, defining their current status, devising of a solution for facility management and applying that solution in practice. The model also aims at representation of data flows for activities. Practice has indicated the importance of care in the classification of data. The enormous amount of information may cause high maintenance expenses and will lead to trouble if the basic concept is not well controlled.The activity model is presented using the SADT-technique. The concept model which is not yet available will introduce the classification of a building information system from the perspective of facility management. The building information system includes space system, technical system and environmental system which are classified in more details. The EXPRESS-G technique will be used in this representation.



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