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Paper w78-1994-24:
Structural framework for assessment of fac-tors influencing the serviceability of facilities

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Pascal M Ojwaka

Structural framework for assessment of fac-tors influencing the serviceability of facilities

Abstract: Assessment and control require a gauge or a scale to relate processes to results in order to evaluate the strategies adopted and to enable effective variations to be made. Assessment is a requisite to effective and efficient management. A firm needs to be able to gauge the immediate and a future impact of its decisions and strategies. Assessment is needed to enable structural adjustments to a business whenever it is expedient. Both long term and short term assessment should encompass all aspects of activities in a firm. This means that the facilities needed to implement the strategies should be considered along with the traditional functions of management. The assessment framework considers many factors including selecting the right qualities to assess and also making the assessment right. A good classification and structuring of the source information is needed to give a total picture of facilities and hence enable an effective management brought about by total control of the situation. This study examines and models factors that define suitability and viability of facilities and proposes an assessment framework. It is envisaged that the results of this study will enable a better understanding of facilities management and its related use as a tool towards the bigger goal of portfolio management.



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