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Paper w78-1994-32:
Three prototype CDDM systems

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Turk Z

Three prototype CDDM systems

Abstract: Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) is a kind of civil engineering production where by using computers and information technology, high degrees of integration and data transfer are achieved. On the long run software supporting CIC relays on the definition of the conceptual building product and building process models. These models are large because a lot of various data structures are needed to describe them: and they are complex, because the data are related to each other in many ways. Functional solutions for C K may also be achieved by diminishing the level of detail at which the information is observed. The larger data chunk to an object or an attribute is a document which may contain (or refer to) many objects. Construction document management (CDM systems are a shorter term solution for CIC; they are not as numerous and they hide complexity of the information they carry. In the life cycle of a building the information creation, demand and use are greatest in the pre-construction phases. In the paper three approaches to the construction design documentation management (CDDW are described. The process based one is presented in most detail.



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