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Paper w78-1994-35:
A construction process model by using designddef

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Qi Zhong, Mathur K S, Kwok Wai Tham

A construction process model by using designddef

Abstract: There are a few ways to model the construction process, which is an essential step when it comes to Computer-Integrated-Construction (CIC). IDEFO together with NIAM, IDEFlX and EXPRESS or EXPRESS-G, the graphical presentation techniques used within IS0 10303 (IS0 TC184/SC4/WG PMA Part l), are the basic and popular modelling tools and languages in both manufacturing and construction projects. This paper presents a model which is an attempt to combine many aspects of the construction process description into a single comprehensive picture using IDEFO representation. Based on the analysis of information generated in a construction project life span, including classification, evolution and exchange of information, first an information classification system is established, in which information for a construction project can be classified as project-dependent-information, project - independent-information, standards and codes, etc.. Second, a construction process business model is set up using the IDEFO modelling technology. Software Design/IDEF version 2.5 is used for the realization of the graphics. At last an IDEFlX conceptual model is presented to illustrate the relationship between the entities of this construction process model.



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