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Paper w78-1995-102:
An advanced object-oriented architecture for Information exchange through shared objects

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Iosifidis P, Tah J H M, Howes R

An advanced object-oriented architecture for Information exchange through shared objects

Abstract: Despite the extensive use of computing technology within the Architecture, Engineering and Conshction (AEC) industry during the past few years, the crucial issue of information sharing amongst AEC participants still remains to be addressed This results in poor building project co-ordinution and affects productivity and finul outcome. This paper presents the use of collaborative object databases for efficient data exchange between direrent AEC applications. Fundamental to this work is the development of an integrated product model that represents the information requirements for total project design and construction The deployment of the Integrated Building Product Model (IBPM) as the basis for schema generation is also explained The system architecture demonstrates the ability to dynamically interchange objects between applications, which is being utilised as the means of automatic project plan generation from semantically enhanced CAD data. The system is aimed toward compliance to ISO-STEP for facilitating the exchange of information between dissimilar systems.



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