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Paper w78-1995-20:
Tools and models for the electronic delivery of building codes and standards

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Turk Z, Vanier D J

Tools and models for the electronic delivery of building codes and standards

Abstract: The Internet and its hypertext application - the World Wide Web- have opened a whole new media for the distribution of construction information, and more specifically of building codes and standards. The WWW is quickly becoming an alternative/complement to the electronic distribution of information using optical or magnetic disks. In this paper we investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the various representation formats and computerization tools in this domain; more specifically, we emphasize the idea that collaborative code and standards usage must be supported by on-line distribution of codes. The weaknesses and advantages of the applied technologies are reflected in W3BR, a WWW model for building regulations WWW is an exciting new technology which provides entirely new uses for building codes. Its current state, however, requires serious compromises in the modeling, presentation and representation of building code information. In addition, specific models that have been developed can be integrated into an overall computer integrated construction schema.



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