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Paper w78-1995-280:
Integrated product and process modelling for facility management

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Staub P

Integrated product and process modelling for facility management

Abstract: The economic situation in many enterprises is becoming more and more difficult. To stay competitive all these enterpises need to increase the performance of buildings for greater productivity, health, and safety of occupants, to improve the reliability of facility operation and the level of occupant satisfaction with their work environment, and to decrease the cost and environmental impact of facility operation. The purpose of this article is to present an information system that will allow owners, operators and the public to gain benefits from substantially improved performance of their facilities. The Facility Management System will use advanced information technology to provide life cycle information for all relevant key processes. Existing organization structures, division of responsibility and computer support tools are only partially suitable to meet the new requirements. New ideas are required not only for business processes but also for computer-supported data processing tools. This article identifies and structures the business processes for the use phase of a constructed facility and it includes the different points of view necessary to define the requirements for a multifunctional information support.



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