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Paper w78-1995-293:
Process modelling approach to facilities management

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Ojwaka P M

Process modelling approach to facilities management

Abstract: Facilities are part of a business. They therefore should be run like any other business sub-unit. This business approach should go beyond the mere selling and buying of buildings into complete understanding of all use factors and their relationships with other business units. In accordance with business stipulations facilities should be managed by facts. In contemporary business world there is no room for non quantifiable business actions. A forum through which requirement are standardised would ensure the continuous support of business by facilities. A further benefit of this approach is that it would enable the manager to communicate with any construction experts whose time limited intervention may be required. Facilities are going to be a factor in business competitive advantage in the future. This study establishes the information needed to guide the normal daily operations in facilities and hence establishes the link between the buildings and business. The approach enables the incorporation of key indicators and factors which a firm needs to further its business objectives The data so produced can be standardised for ease of use. The danger posed by rigorous planning systems devoid of input by management is identified and avoided through the creation of appropriate windows for management to express their views and make necessary changes if expedient.



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