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Paper w78-1995-382:
A knowledge-based model for coordinating design through value management

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Shen Q

A knowledge-based model for coordinating design through value management

Abstract: The design and construction of building projects is an extremely complex undertaking, which involves people from many different professional backgrounds having different commeraal interests. This complexity has led to greater interdependency between specialisations, which produces a consequent. need for strong integration of the independent professions and skills. It is clear that the success of the design process, to a large extent, depends upon the way in which the architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and others work together. It depends upon them perceiving the same objectives for the project and recognising that what each of them achieves depends upon what the others do. This paper explores how design can be co-ordinated through the uses of knowledge-based systems and value management. A knowledge-based model for co-ordinating building design through value management is given to demonstrate the viability. The model enables a number of people to work together on a project, or in large chunks than is possible with the more solo methods it replaces. The limitations of the model are also discussed



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