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Paper w78-1995-480:
Model based cost engineering as a basis for the management of cqnstruction process

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Laitinen J

Model based cost engineering as a basis for the management of cqnstruction process

Abstract: The traditional design and tender process without the integration of design - manufacturing - Construction hampers innovations in construction. The implementation and the use of product and process models will enable the simulation of buildings and allow their performance to be predicted before they are build. The building industry in all consists of several parties representing design, engineering, construction and systems, materials or components industry. Because of organisational segregation there is a great need of process integration in construction. In this paper is a description of new approakh for the construction process ahd its key player, made1 based cost engineering. Also the pilot environment for total product model usage in design and construct project is descnped. It is proved that there is a waste of money and time caused by non-integration of design and construction. The potential savings between a non-integrated process and a complete optimized process is theoretically calculated on 10 - 20% of the investments.



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