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Paper w78-1995-495:
A life-cycle decision-information model accommodating complexity in project processes

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Chen S E, McGeorge W D

A life-cycle decision-information model accommodating complexity in project processes

Abstract: Fragmentation and barriers to information flows between project participants has been a major obstacle to productivity quality in the construction industry. Strategies to overcome this needs to contend with the interaction between numerous project participants which generates considerable complexity in project dynamics. A “soft” technology approach has been advocated to managing the coordination and communication of project participants. A dynamic framework to provide integrated decision support to project participants has been previously described. As an extension to the development of this framework, this paper describes a conceptual approach which perceives a project as an integrated collection of decisions. The project development process .is modelled as a dynamic decision-information flow system operating across the project’s life cycle. The recognition of individual decisions as system components allows information sharing in a near red-time context, which would facilitate an integrated project process. Feedback processes in the model provide a framework for accommodating complexity in the project process.



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