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Paper w78-1995-503:
On foundations of construction process modeling

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Koskela L

On foundations of construction process modeling

Abstract: The goal of the paper is to evaluate current efforts towards modeling of construction processes in the context of process modeling state-of-the-art. We try to answer to the question: What should be required from models of construction? At the outset, developments in the general area of process modeling are reviewed. The important concepts of modeling power and decision power of a modeling approach are discussed. It is concluded that there is no consensus on the basic constructs needed for process modeling. It is argued that for reaching sufficient modeling power, construction process models should be focused on construction specific issues, they should have the necessary breadth across various processes of a project, and they should have the depth of various basic constructs. A number of current modeling efforts are discussed on basis of these and other relevant criteria. It is concluded that there are several research issues unsolved, hindering progress in construction process modeling. We should beware of quick solutions, that. exceed present theoretical understanding.



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