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Paper w78-1995-581:
An user interface for application protocol design

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Ghodous P, Vandorpe D

An user interface for application protocol design

Abstract: Over the last two decades, there have been numerous efforts directed towards developing the integrated and computerized product models. Recent advances to develop a mechanism capable to describe product data throughout the life cycle of product have led to STEP. Designing a STEP application product data model (Application Protocol) is so vast, iterative and complex that it seems necessary to develop a tool assisting this design. In this paper, we describe an interface that allows the expert of an application to define his applicationís product data model in STEP. The system helps the expert to generate automatically his standard product data model. The prototype of this tool, using the hypertexts, internet and world wide web, allows the user to easily access to the integrated resources and the other Application Protocols of STEP in order to specialize the integrated resources. The possibility of verification of the uniqueness of different userís model and mapping the userís definitions to STEP definitions is provided for the user. As a case study, the metallic construction application is discussed.



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