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Paper w78-1996-231:
Integrating applications for the construction industry using a STEP-based integration platform (SIP)

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Goncalves R, Pimentao J, Vital M, Sousa P, Silva H, Steiger-Garcao

Integrating applications for the construction industry using a STEP-based integration platform (SIP)

Abstract: International construction industry has not still achieved a high degree of integration and automation in the past years. The European ESPRIT III project number 6660, RoadRobot (Operator Assisted Mobile Road Robot For Heavy Duty Civil Engineering Applications) intends to design and to implement an architecture to support the integration and automation tasks in that domain. To aid the implementation of the architecture, a STEP-based (ISO 10303) platform for integration of applications (SIP toolkit), was developed by UNINOVA. The general purpose of SIP is to assist the achievement of standardised Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) environments, providing a set of development system tools. Last year, during CIB W78 and TG10 held at the University of Stanford - California (USA), SIP and the aim of the RoadRobot project were presented. During the CIB‘96, the RoadRobot architecture and its achieved results will be shown, as well as the improvements of SIP made in order to meet the project requirements. Special care will be taken concerning the problems found and the solutions adopted.



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